Pavel X. Rakusan

Pavel X. Rakusan


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Pavel X. Rakusan is a Czech Republic independent music producer, remixer
and DJ.

Pavel was inspired by the world’s leading composers nowaday, Cosmic Gate,
Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz, Ferry Corsten and Armin Van Buuren, Hardwell,
Khomha, Swedish House Mafia.

Pavel studied graphic design since 1996 and in 2005, he started his own
way of professional photography.

Between Trance and Progressive

Going into famous Czech night clubs like Radost FX and Roxy… since he
was 18, he loves the best trance and house parties and to be a big name
fan of the biggest parties all around the world including Love Parade in
2002. Millions of people who were enjoy the music event which influented
to his life.

After a few years, he has decided to become an electronic music producer.
In his tracks he expresses his emotions, and he has been successful in
transmitting these to the audience. Uplifting sounds full of flowing
melodies, energetic synths and unique buildups, that you can not mistake
with anyone else! Make sure to take some time to tune in to this dedicated
and passionate trance producer.

Since the beginning of 2013 has Pavel succesfully started his production
of progressive tunes. Massive beats and pulse saw synth are giving the
time to get to grips with what dark menacing floor bursting energy hyped
rhythm is all about Pavels new way of progressive tunes. Sure to catch any
dance floor on fire with the sheer heat that flows from this mad rush of
power sounds…chase the beat as the baseline draws you closer & closer to
the imploding base force that you simply cannot escape.

Pavel X. Rakusan is working on new productions and remixes, which should
be appeared in the near future.

You could see and hear it alongside many of DJs from his country like Mc
Bassbaras (Barbora PolyXonic Domalípová), Bertram Lácha (PolyXonic),
Michael PolyXonic Šebek, Michal ‘Michael C’ Curik, David Justian, Danny
Phoenix, DJ Beck (Zdeněk Beck), DJ Maicuss (Michal Maicuss Sáraz), DJ
Michael Opolski, DJ Anne Angel (Anna Harapatová), Andreas Christofi and
also participate in the creation of many successful international
projects, collaborations, etc.